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Daniel Deiana| Sales Representative| Right At Home Realty Inc., Brokerage

Hi there! I am Daniel Deiana-Your Trusted Real Estate Professional. This site was designed to help you learn more about me and find out about how I can help you.

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Top 5 Reasons To Hire Me





1. Dedicated and honest.  I treat my clients like family and I treat every homebuyer ’s search and every seller’s listing with the same diligence as if I was buying or selling for myself.

2. Passionate about real estate. I enjoy the challenge and I take great pride in getting the best results for my clients.

3. I am always on top of market trends and values. If the numbers don’t add, my clients will know about it.

4. Bring on the negotiations!  Being able to read people on the other side of the negotiating table allows me to adapt my strategy to get the best outcome for my clients.

5. I know my renos. I have experience as a licensed home renovation contractor.  My clients value my knowledge about home structures, potential issues, hidden costs and renovations.

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

“He is honest, smart, and his experience in homes goes far beyond real estate which is why he is great at what he does”

Shawn & Kathleen

Nadine-Jorge-96x96“We found a perfect house in a great neighbourhood that met all of our requirements and was within our budget”



“His knowledge and professionalism was outstanding and like no other”

John-Bo-96x96“Daniel walked us through each step methodically so this experience was exciting and comfortable”

John and Bo: Condo Bay/Wellesley

on YELP:
We had Daniel as our agent to purchase our home this August. Like all the first-time home buyers, we didn’t know where to start, what to look, and how to prepare. Daniel walked us through each step methodically so this experience was exciting and comfortable. He is very kind and patient to answer all our questions. He is also very organized, and pays attention on details.

I remember one day he showed us about six homes in a roll, he analyzed their pros and cons in order for us to choose. He offered the help that not all agents are capable to. He is very professional. He drove all the way to our old home at night in order to have our feedback get to the other part in time when the deal was in negotiation.

Not only that, he is also expert in home renovation. We got not only wise advises, but also hands-on help from him too. We much appreciate it, and recommend him as your agent so you will have the pleasant journey like us.

Julie-Dave1-96x96“He never tried to push any sales on us and always looked out for our best interest”



Julie and Dave: Townhouse in Etobicoke

On Facebook:

Daniel helped both my husband and I buy our first house. With every house we looked at, Daniel was very knowledgeable about the history of the house, as well as any work that would have needed to be done.

Being that he previously worked in the renovation industry, he is very good at noticing the future work that the house will need, as well as the costs associated with it.

Daniel is a very honest real estate worker. He never tried to push any sales on us and always looked out for our best interest. Daniel is extremely helpful and a great guy to have when looking for a house.

Nina-Douglas-96x96“Daniel always took the time to explain the negotiation process and all contributing factors, and give us the proper context in which to make a decision”

Cristy-Andrea-96x96“He really cares for his clients and this is obvious even after the sale has been made”


Cristy M: Condo Don Mills/Eglinton
Daniel helped us find a condo within a limited time in the busy Toronto market.

He was very outgoing and suggested different options for us. The place we ended up buying needed some renos and thanks to his networking and people skills we were able to get great references for the jobs that needed to get done. He really cares for his clients and this is obvious even after the sale has been made. I would recommend him hands down!! Thanks Daniel 🙂

Charles-Janice-96x96“Daniel was very patient throughout and didn’t pressure us into any decisions”

Angel-Thibaut-96x96“During the bidding process for the house we bought, Daniel demonstrated excellent experience in handling multiple offer situations”


Angel and Thibaut: TownHouse Scarborough

We are a young couple who just bought a our first home with Daniel’s help, and we are very satisfied with his service.

Initial home visits: Daniel always made himself available in taking us to house/apartment visits once a property became listed on the market. He didn’t hesitate to spend a lot of time in helping us learn about the market and was very attentive to our needs in the search for the right property.

He was always available to listen to us when we had concerns or request over homes that interested us. He was very patient throughout our 3-4 months of home search and was a pleasure to work with. He was able to give us a good idea of the real value of a house/apartment, of its general condition and of the price of the work that needed to be done. He also referred contractors and home inspectors to us at good rates.

He has 10+ years of experience in home renovations which is a real comfort for buyers like us who know just a bit more than changing light bulbs.

Bidding process: During the bidding process for the house we bought, he demonstrated excellent experience in handling multiple offer situations. The house we were bidding for initially had 4 offers and in the end had 7 offers. He had suggested different ranges of prices to put on the offers based on different levels of competition. We took his advice on the initial offer and stayed in the negotiation with the sellers. When the sellers` agent offered us an opportunity to improve our offer, we were able to improve but were very hesitant to do so because the price we offered was already at the limit of our comfort level.

Daniel was able to tell based on the way the sellers` agent spoke with him that we were in fact the best offer and with another buyer who had improved their offer, there was a large chance that we were still the best offer. Based on that information, we decided to stay with the initial offer and won the house! We later found out that we had won the house for just $1000 over the second best offer.

Shawn-Kathleen-96x96“He is honest, smart, and his experience in homes goes far beyond real estate which is why he is great at what he does”


Shawn and Kathleen: Detached House in Port Credit


Hi Charles.

Thanks for your note and I am happy to share my insight with you on Daniel. I am not sure if Daniel mentioned but my wife and I had our first interaction with him in his past life when he was a contractor.  He came highly recommended to us from a colleague of mine. We had a great experience with him, and then hired him again to do another major project on our house, and we also referred him to other friends, who were also impressed with his work.

When Daniel emailed me to tell us he moved into real estate we knew he would be our only choice for an agent for two reasons: 1) he intimately knew our house as he was involved in every major upgrade and feature so he could speak with confidence about the place during the sale process, and 2) being a contractor he could see things that other people might not see when looking at homes to purchase so that we didn’t walk into a situation that would cost us in unexpected repairs. He was our secret weapon on both sides of the transaction. As an agent he is just as talented as he is a contractor. Always available, had great contacts for staging our house, he marketed our open house really well and he helped negotiate a superior deal on our new house. In the end, Daniel recommended some upgrades to our house before the sale ( all of which we did). He recommended we hold for offers after the open house which we did and we ended up getting the second highest amount ever recovered for a sale of a house on our street. And we had a semi on a street full of detached homes. Pretty fantastic. On the purchase of the new house we were very strategic in our approach and in the end we got this house far under asking, which might seem hard to believe, but it is a higher end home so we were able to negotiate downwards. I would recommend Daniel highly. He is honest, smart, and his experience in homes goes far beyond real estate which is why he is great at what he does.

Good luck with your transaction and I hope it goes well!

All the best Shawn and Kathleen

Derrick and Ivette Detached House Scarborough

Daniel was very attentive to our needs…



“This has been an extremely stressful time in our lives and you have most certainly made it much easier. We love our home”

Hi Daniel,

We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise, hard work and easy-going nature in helping us find our home. This has been an extremely stressful time in our lives and you have most certainly made it much easier.

We love our home, the neighborhood, and the community, as we are finding out more and more each day that the area fulfills our every need. We are especially enthusiastic about our backyard view of the gorgeous treed ravine!!! We can hardly wait for the summer. After 20 years in in the same house, you’ve made the transition much easier than we thought it would be.

Your knowledge of the neighborhoods, home construction, and attention to our other needs, was so valuable and helped guide us in making the right decisions. You can count on us to call upon you again should the need arise. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends, and you feel as though you are now part of our family.

Wishing you all the best for the future,

Liz, Greg and Greg Jr.

Life And Work Experiences

Growing Up…

I grew up in one of the most beautiful places in the world…Sardinia.  An island in the middle of the mediterranean sea with white sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery.



During my years as a flight attendant I travelled the world, met many interesting people of different backgrounds, learned various languages, ate delicious food, visited attractions and famous landmarks, all while getting paid to do it!


For about 10 years I had my own Home Renovation Business.
I specialized in the renovation of old century homes in downtown Toronto.
Member of BILD(Building industry and Land Development Association) and a RENOMARK Contractor.


Before becoming a Realtor I had some personal experience buying fixer uppers, renovating and selling them. I have also helped some of my home renovation clients do the same.

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Text/Cell 416 903 2224